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SmartOne Ecosystem Overview

Our terminal solutions allow your POS system to initiate, monitor and confirm transactions in a secure and PCI Compliant way. Our applications and software are certified with most Acquirers, allowing you to migrate existing customers as well as attract new ones.

External Integration

External integration - request sends from external ECR to Cashbox application on POS.

Direct Internal Integration on the POS

Internal - direct requests from the 3rd party application installed on the POS to Payment Core and Fiscal Core.

More details on each of these options on click.

[!NOTE] As we grow, we're transitioning much of our traditional PDF-based documentation to this interactive online portal. If at any time you require legacy documentation, please Contact Us for more information.

Contact Information

Our team are solution experts and are on hand to support you through the integration process, from initial account setup through to the integration testing process and go-live.

Should you experience an issue during testing please get in touch, with us using the details below.

SmartOne Implementation Team

  • if you have any questions or require support:
  • If you require to gain access:
Email:[email protected]

Product Delivery Hours

Days:Monday - Friday
Hours Covered:10:00 – 17:00